Organic plant conditioner

Healthier, bigger, tastier plants

License number: 04.2/4386-1/2016

Patent pending

Product features:

  • Unique production technology.
  • High effective microorganism content.
  • Product with the highest number of microorganisms on the market.
  • Storage does not require refrigeration or freezing!
  • It accelerates and facilitates composting processes.
  • It enhances the effect of fertilisers and nutrient solutions.
  • Do not mix with bactericidal and fungicidal products!
  • Full-scale use suitable (foliar fertilizers, spread on the soil), and suitable for oragnic farmers.
  • It helps nutrient uptake, promotes growth of the stem, leaf formation, flower formation.
  • Increases in plant stress tolerance (weather, pests), and increase the chilling tolerance
  • We get bigger, tastier, prettier fruits, foil and greenhouses farming returns the natural flavor.

Product specificities:

  • Liquid plant conditioner contains more than 2,000 species.
  • It's just containing natural ingredients.
  • The production technology is based on natural propagation of beneficial microbes.
  • Organic plant conditioner can use foliar fertilizers and soil vaccines. Good results are obtained with the yield increase.

The new types of plant conditioners have increasing role in crop production, because we must feed the growing population with sufficient quantity and quality of food. We can reach high-yield with fertilizers in short term, but it cannot be held up because in the long run will destroy the soils. This is caused crop failure sooner or later. Our products provide a solution. The AlgilBio organic plant conditioner can reach a lot of people with vegetable crop production to home vegetable gardener. The organic formula made worm humus and different vegetable materials. The product has been successfully tested several times by Eszterházy Károly University Gyöngyös Campus, on its educational farm. Moreover the biological efficiency experiments (GEP) have got good result. The product contains effective microorganisms that facilitate the uptake of nutrients from the soil, resulting in stronger and more resistant plants that require less herbicides and pesticides. The liquid plant conditioner have a good effect on stem growth, leaf formation and formed several flowers. Moreover the crop maturation can take place sooner. AlgilBio restores biological life in the soil, and the duration of the composting process will also shorten. The AlgilBio organic plant conditioner can provide large-scale producers a compound that meets all the requirements of organic farming.

The following videos show that, the plant create more root becouse the our organic plant conditoners mikroorganis help increase root. Therfore the plants easily can pick up nutrients and more efficiently protect themselves by extreme weather. 

The following videos show that, the AlgilBio organic plant conditioner how to help protect beside the extreme hot weather. You can see that the plants recovers in the short term (within 3-24 hours).  

The AlgilBio organic plant conditioner helps create more leaf and flower. More over you can give the healthier plant and you will get extra amount of berries.


Laboratory studies required for marketing authorization to obtain the product can be entry the market. The product is fitted this laboratory studies and fully complied with the Hungarian law's. The liquid does not contain toxic elements and dangerous pathogens. The plant conditioner pH neutral and does not cause phytotoxic damage to the plants. The experiment detailed analysis can be viewed as part of a possible negotiation.

GEP experiment's picture

In integrated plant production conditions we achieved a 15% crop yield. The AlgilBio can be achieved 20-40% crop yield on higher amounts and right time treats.

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